Black Ops 2 League Play, Team Deathmatch Series


League Play is a new feature to the Call of Duty series in Black Ops 2.


Complete placement matches in a series to be placed in a division of players that are in your skill range. Once placed you will compete against players of similar skill in ranked league play ladders.

Thanks for your feedback on the League Play feature. We are excited about 2013 and what it means for competitive Call of Duty. Watch this space.

It should be noted that the in-game description above says “… you will compete against players of similar skill in ranked league play ladders…” you will also see players that are not yet ranked, and players from division above and below your division. This does not necessarily mean that you are not playing against similarly ranked players, it may mean that players from your division are not available for this match, so the matchmaking system chose the next best matches outside of your division. I’ve played matches in the Bronze division and seen matches with a player from Platinum, Gold and Silver, as well as Iron divisions and unranked players (more in Division below).


Team Deathmatch with standard rules.

Solo rank.
Split-screen not permitted.

MY NOTE: No Map Voting, and after a match is complete there is no stable lobby for the players, although there could be a “dynamic lobby” where the matchmaking system keeps track of player in previous games in order to more effectively build matches. I say this because I have played several matches in a row (maybe about 5) and seen several gamers from previous matches.

I entered League Play in the Team Deathmatch Series, so my comments and videos will reflect my experiences there, though some info may also transfer to others, some may also be specific to just the TDM Series.  This is the first TDM Series League Play season I’ve entered. Also, Season 1 of League Play Officially began on December 1 after a Trial Season, so Treyarch may still be tweaking the system. From reading I have learned, for example, that some game types have been removed from certain series in League Play.

Getting Started in League Play & A Little on the Scoring System

To get started you must complete 5 mandatory placement matches during which you seem to have a ranking of some sort and play against similarly skilled ranked and unranked players. After completion of those placement rounds gamers are placed into a Division, and Subdivisionand given individual and/or team ranks.

ALL Weapons, Attachments, Scorestreaks, Perks and Wildcards are unlocked from the beginning. You can set up your 5 Custom Classes, which seem to apply to all League types in which you participate.

Advancing through the ranks in your ladder through gaining Ladder Points is driven by winning matches, personal performance, awarding of Bonus Weekly points and possibly win streaks. Similarly you can drop through the rankings through loss of Ladder Points by losing matches, personal performance, and possibly losing streaks. Although most lost matches mean you lose ladder points, I have played some matches where I lose 0 Ladder Points.

I’ve been awarded 50, 70, 90, 110, 130, 150, 190, 230 and 250 Ladder Points during the matches I’ve recorded. For those matches where my team won if I had any Weekly Bonus Points left over, they are always awarded 100 per match. For lost matches which I have recorded I have been assessed Ladder Point losses of 0, -30, -50, -70, -90, and -130 points.

Scoring is hard for me to pinpoint but is a mixture of Ladder Points awarded or penalized based on win or loss. Your personal  performance figures in and probably streaks (win or loss streaks). Also, your weekly bonus points count – and they start fresh on Saturday or Sunday some time.


The League Divisions are Masters, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Iron and Unranked (not completed 5 placement matches) listed in order from highest to lowest according to skill.

Subdivisions allow multiple different ladders within Divisions with names like Frost Zero Six and Havoc Six One. I assume the Frost and Havoc series of Subdivisions are NOT particular to their Divisions, but this may not be the case. I also assume they are numbered so there would also be a Frost Zero Seven, Frost Zero Eight, etc. This means each of the Divisions could have a Frost Zero Six (or F06) Subdivision.

So far I’ve seen ladders (Division + Subdivision) consisting of 198 – 201 players.




Wikia Article on League Play in BO II


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  1. Hey anthonybbk, I dunno. I haven’t been back on since Season 2 started. I see with Season 2 I have to play 5 new Pacement Games. I’ll post a video soon.

  2. anthonybbk, before or after a game, what do you see at the lower, right side above After Action Report, Muting, and Friends in the lobby?

  3. I played the teamdeathmatch series in league play in December , did very well keeping a steady 2000pts lead on the second best competitor near the end on the first season. (1st place iron) it was my understanding that your best placement from season one would be seen on my scorecard someplace however cannot find any results from the previous year. ( season one) where can I find the results for my ladder? I’m super disipointed having had such a massive lead over the 2nd place I felt I had it in the bag. However my season best is “0”. Wtf

  4. That sounds familiar (best placement viewable in future seasons) but I’m not sure **where* that stat would show up. Will keep my eye out.

  5. Only rank up through wins. If you have a 5.0 kdr with 35 kills and your team loses. You go down, if you’re playing solo. You basically have to depend on the team with the large group to be competent like you are

  6. I am new to Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and I am trying to get to the placement matches. How are they listed and what are they listed under? Help….

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