Ghost Recon Future Soldier Mission List


A list of the campaign missions for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

Be sure to follow my writeups of the new Ghost Recon Wildlands game and it’s 4v4 multiplayer PVP mode – Ghost War.

19+ Minutes of Live Action Ghost Recon from Ubisoft

A live action movie uploaded to Youtube on May 14, 2012 by Ubisoft (and more in the credits) that is one action-packed ride of a prequel for GRFS. Get ready for Ghost Recon Alpha the Official HD Film! Stop reading and click PLAY already!


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    • How i get more performance in my pc…
      my game are too slow..
      I have core i3-3210, 3.20GHz, 4gb ram, and radeon hd 5450 2gb ddr3..
      please help me guyz…
      my games are GHOST RECON FUTURE , nfsrun ,farcry 3 , gta 4

      • hd 5450 isnt for gaming bro…. i play on ultra with i5 4th gen 3.0 ghz , 4b ram , nvidia geforce gtx 650 1gb ddr5 with atleast 50 fps

        • Why only 4 GB RAM? I won’t run a work PC with under 6GB and for a gaming rig it wold have to be even more.

          Just wondering.

        • Dude the gtx 650 is the lowest gaming gpu from nvidia 600 gen, so u couldn’t run it at ultra unless you’re playing in 720p

  1. I am no expert but I’d recommend an i5 CPU, an i7 would be even better. I personally make sure my PCs now have 16GB of RAM and I’m not sure about your video card at all.

    There is software to put your PC in gaming mode, but it can be problematic if you are not careful since the ones I’ve seen allow you to close programs by telling it which to close when you go into Gaming Mode.

    Also, VERY IMPORTANT, look at the minimum specs for the games you have and see what those are from the game makers.

    My most recent computer specs are normally up-to-date here:

  2. This game like a lot of other games takes a lot of resources if you want all the eye candy settings all the way up. But just to play this game does NOT take as much as you suppose if you keep the video settings down a bit. I’m running this game with no problems on a core 2 duo 6320, 3 gigs system ram, AMD HD 6670 1 gig gddr 3, and it plays fine… and I don’t have all the settings all the way down, so it still looks really decent. So tweak the settings to fit your needs and be happy, or go out and spend needless money just to play a few dollars worth of game.

    If your picky about the looks of the game, then you’ll have to be picky about your hardware, and I’d have to hand it to the makers of this game, they did a fine job of allowing lower end gaming systems to play and get through this game…. GOOD job, and GOOD game.

  3. believe me or not . I maxed out GRFS. playing in ultra . my rig = core 2 duo 2.93 ghz , ram 2 gb ddr3 corsair , gpu ati radeon hd 5770 . I get 30 to 40 fps which is enough to play without lag .

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