Hitman: Absolution Mission Walkthroughs & Challenges


This is the list of missions for Hitman: Absolution, plus with links to my Hitman Mission videos on Youtube. Some will be complete mission walkthroughs, and some may focus only on specific challenges.

Hitman: Absolution is the fifth in the Hitman franchise, and brings new things to the game not previously found in its predecessors. I admit its more difficult for me than shooters, as it should be. Hitman is not a shooter, it is an action/stealth game focusing very heavily on stealth, brain power, and creative “styled” killings to award points. Any video if mine that you watch IS NOT the only way to get through a mission for sure!

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Hitman: Aboslution Mission List

  1. A Personal Contract: Their best was never good enough.
  2. The King of Chinatown: If this guy was a cat, he would still be dead.
  3. Terminus: We hope you enjoyed your stay.
  4. Run for Your Life: This is gonna look real bad on the reports.
  5. Hunter and Hunted: You started the new year with a bang.
  6. Rosewood: They crossed the line. And you crossed them out.
  7. Welcome to Hope: You’ve adapted well to the local customs.
  8. Birdie’s Gift: Reunited in every way.
  9. Shaving Lenny: You’ve taken small-town depopulation to strange new places.
  10. Dexter Industries: Inside, outside, up or down – you are unstoppable.
  11. Death Factory: You took the scientific community by storm.
  12. Fight Night: You’re a modern day David.
  13. Attack of the Saints: You send Travis a message.
  14. Skurky’s Law: You’re out of order.
  15. Operation Sledgehammer: You and which army?
  16. Blackwater Park: You’ve taken the fight to his doorstep.
  17. Countdown: You put him down like a lame horse.
  18. Absolution: You’ve come full circle.

Hitman: Absolution Videos

A Personal Contract
Challenges: Geronimo, Evidence Collector, Extra Spice & Damn Good Coffee

The King of Chinatown
Complete Walkthrough
13 Challenges

Complete Playthrough with Chameleon and An Evening in Paradise

Run for Your Life
Complete Walkthrough
Challenges: Silence Please – Part 1, Death from Above, Picking on the New Guy, and Evidence

Hunter and Hunted
Walkthrough Part 1 of 2 & Challenges: Private Dance (Assassination), Fire Sale, Evidence in Courtyard, Evidence in The Vixen Club, Evidence in Derelict Building, Evidence in Convenience Store and Evidence in Loading Area
Walkthrough Part 2 of 2 & Challenges: Suit Only, Fire Him, Two Rights Make a Right, Silent Assassin, Lieutenant Bad, X Marks the Spot, Moment of Bliss, Swordplay – Part 1, and Cleaning Up In Chinatown

Challenges: Subtle Injection – Part 1/2, Good Samaritan, Playing with Balls, Face Off, The Mercenary (Mission Completion) and others

Welcome to Hope

Birdie’s Gift

Shaving Lenny

Dexter Industries

Death Factory

Fight Night

Attack of the Saints

Skurky’s Law

Operation Sledgehammer

Blackwater Park




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