What are Warfighter Tokens / Nations Tokens? What Do They Do?


What are Warfighter Tokens? How do you use Warfighter Nations Tokens? What Do They Do? When do tokens expire?

I could not figure out how to spend Warfighter tokens for, what use they had etc. Then I found the MoH: Warfighter FAQ and I got lucky and found this info from MoH Warfighter’s “Answers to your burning MOHW Beta Questions” on Battlelog:

Q. How do I use my Warfighter Tokens?
A. Head over to http://battlelog.medalofhonor.com/mohw/ and log in. Select the “Nations” tab at the top and select which country you will represent. Spend your tokens accordingly. You’re all set Soldier!

Q. What do Warfighter Tokens do?
A. They count toward a “meta game” on Battlelog (not worried about that part) but if you apply tokens every day you will gain an XP Multiplier (more below under “When Do MoHW Nation Tokens Expire?”). So, make sure to visit every day and apply your tokens to continue getting the extra bounty!

Okay, so I made my way there and spent my tokens today and got this message:

Tokens applied successfully
Thanks for spending Tokens. Spend Tokens tomorrow to get a Day Bonus of x2

Oh yeah, nice! So I get some bonus tomorrow!

Q. When Do MoHW Nation Tokens Expire?
A. What? Are you serious, just spend them! No but seriously, I **think** they expire at the end of the week or a week after earned. Don’t worry about when they expire though, just go online after you’re done for the day (or for that gaming session) and spend them.

More importantly, IMO make sure to game daily to get that XP bonus up. If I’ve read this thing right you can get over 3X and 4X bonus by spending your Nation Tokens daily as they are awarded!


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  1. Connor, good question! I’ve added “When Do MoHW Nation Tokens Expire?” above. Quick answer is in 7 days or at the end of ther week as determined by “seasons,” I’m not sure which. IMO the big thing is a) spend ASAP and b) game daily to get higher XP multiupliers!

  2. mark carpenter on

    It said you need 500 hundred tokens before you can spend them ? I cant spend my 445 yet ..So you cant spend them every day 🙁

  3. Hey mark carpenter, no, you don’t need 500. I’ve spent as little as 3 at a time, possibly less. Its been a while since I played, but 3 is way less than 500!

  4. ok now i’ve been on and off that exact page for about 30 mins…..no where does it say “donate”, “spend” or “contribute” tokens. i click on my country but nothing…..

  5. Hey, Anasthetic, First make sure you are going to the right link (I have 2, just updated one). The right link is http://battlelog.medalofhonor.com/mohw/nations/ and if you are logged in, on the upper left there is a box right under the header “WARFIGHTER NATIONS” and the box begins with “representing” and the country you represent. If you do not see that, you may need to select a country first. Also in that box, if you have tokens to spend, is a button that should say something like “Spend X Tokens”, where X is the number of tokens you have to spend.

  6. Video Gamer on

    Hey Joshmorg, if you can’t get them to work I’d suggest a Youtube search so you can watch all of the steps and exactly where they click. I don’t remember how they worked, but my first time spending them was not successful either.

    Try this:
    MOH Tokens

    You could also check the comment right above yours and make sure you’ve done that stuff. I can see the map is still online showing tokens by Country, so I assume its still working.

  7. I have for the past 4 days tried to spend my tokens! When I first became an online member I twice spent my tokens with no problem what so ever. Now when I go to nations there is no spend buttons to click and I am losing out on a lot of tokens being spend for my respective country. 1. Is there anyone else having this issue. 2. Is there anyone in the MoH community that can help or even solve this problem. Please help me it’s very frustrating and I need your input . Thank you very much , your gaming friend . Brian

  8. Matthew Timberlalke on

    Does the multiplier you get count towards helping you level up quicker, and if so whats the best way to spend the tokens….everything you have each day, or spread them out across the week to get the highest multiplier?

  9. What’s up Matthew! They count toward XP, so yes that should help you level faster. Also you want to spend daily since you get a multiplier – although I’m not sure how high it goes.

    Also re-read “What do Warfighter Tokens do?” above for more info.

  10. Can you use tokens on mobiles or do u have to b on a laptop or computer cause I try use my tokens on my mobile but my phone just laggs out then crashes then when it finaly sorts its self out it takes me back to start again and still wont let me use my tokens

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