Battlefield 4 Up-to-Date Top Fixes List


DICE-BF4-top-issues-graphic-battefield-comWhere do you find the latest information on what DICE feels are the most important fixes? The Battlefield 4 Top Issues Tracker is where. When you want to find out what important BF4 fixes are coming soon, that’s where you go.

Some of the most important issues for me that are listed today as I read the BF4 Top Issues Tracker are bugs accounting for PS4 (and other consoles) crashes, crashes after being revived (all platforms), join queue disabled on consoles (I paid and can’t get priority without a queue, all platforms), rubber banding issues for some players with solid Internet connections (all platforms), server browser filters are not fully functioning (all platforms), sudden frame rate drops during certain in-game events (all platforms). Some of these are maddening issues, and there are lots of them. All I can figure given DICE long history that the large amount of issues must be due to regular game development, plus trying to learn and develop for 2 new Next-Gen consoles, too!

DICE also notes in this post:

You can always find the latest information on game updates in the Battlefield 4 Control Room at


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  1. I bought battlefield 4 on lunch today, and its been awhile I’ve tried to play my campaign mode several times on Xbox 1, and data always seem to lose it self. I’m wondering if this is an issue that your guys working on I’ve seen other people are having the same issues would appreciate if you guys can let me know what’s going on as soon asap Thanks!

  2. as a premium player, still can’t find CHINA RISING to play . must have downloaded this 4 times, now . is it for PS4 or what . tried of downloads and upgrades . never had this issue playing BF3, but never had PC’s platform to join in. watching some guy sllide half way across the screen, do a circle still on his knees really sucks. take the PC’s out and give them their own platforms.. good game but i’m ready to find the REFUND LINE.

  3. Hey misfit, it was frustrating to get running, I almost made a video and now I wish I had. For some reason, after downloading China Rising (after I realized it was a separate download from Premium) the PS4 did not install it right away. After a restart or two finally it was installed and playable.

    “watching some guy sllide half way across the screen” … you talking about players who look to be prone or dead “running” around? I have seen similar and I give DICE some credit realizing they are developing for PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and two brand new Next-Gen platforms at the same time.

  4. thanks , everything is working now … crashing a whole lot less … a couple of freezes now and then but doing great ,thanks … … … only problem i’m having now is not the system but some players . getting in your face blocking your view trying to team kill…. or running you over with a vehicle , “KILLED IN ACTION” . must have shoot them some game before , don’t know ….. may need to bring ADMIN back . thanks for listening to this old greezer.

  5. I’m an old geezer myself, I just joined a 30+ group of PlayStation gamers. I know what you mean about team killers and people getting in your face AND the dreaded Killed in Action which often means you’ve run over some Levolution rubble, or something unexpected in the environment killed you (in other words, the computer equivalent of “oops”).

    I have also noted fewer crashes on the PS4 recently, and it was an improvement just switching from PS3 to PS4 as I went from hard-crashes and restarting the system to mostly soft crashes and restarting the Battlefield 4 Application instead.

    Happy Hunting!

  6. why am i having problems when i play campaign …. i get VIPs to chopper ,die ,but when play start , i have sound but no picture , have to restart mission . next problem has been trying to get to the american captain in russian town (after escapeing chinese prison ) … i will quit game at some point and lose almost everything , and have to start completely all over . i’m playing on “HARD” each time … i’m on my 4th attempt to play ” campaign “. … what am i doing wrong ?, play “EASY”?

    • Wildcard66 Gamer on

      A quick search of Google indicates that in Feb DICE finally added this feature which was disabled or missing previously. Try this, start the game, go into Multiplayer, go to Server Browser, find a Server and view the Server Info. At the bottom of the Server Info screen you should see a Spectate button if you can spectate.

  7. why does the game freeze up at the end of a cycle ( the train as flag D ) and not start a new cycle ( ….. LOCKER ). I have to turn machine off , turn machine back on ,and reboot my files. ONE BIG HASSLE .

    • Wildcard66 Gamer on

      I’ve sometimes had games end/begin with a black screen with a never-ending loading animation (square in upper corner). I’m not sure if this is on DICE’s Top Fixes list (link here) or not.

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