EA Adding Servers, Updates, Bug Fixes

EA - SimCity 2013: More Servers, Bug Fix updates

Read What SimCity 2013 Senior Producer Kip Katsarelis Says

Senior Producer Kip Katsarelis made a post in EA’s forums yesterday evening that EA is very excited to have released SimCity and, of course, this was not what they had planned for the much-anticipated launch week.

Kip also added that bug fixes have been released in udpates to SimCity 2013 and that over the next two days additional servers will be coming online – as I posted yesterday was a fix I expected to see (lucky guess, eh?).

The thing is, gamer’s excitement and impatience aside, SimCity is a very computer-intensive program and I’d also assume tha the “always on” connection with EA servers doesn’t help to simplify that problem. Looking at SimCity 5’s specs, my computer meets all but the Video. My point here is that I bought this computer to be able to capture & edit my Youtube videos, and to serve as my web design rig. Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected a game like SimCity to push its limits. Crsyis 3, yes; but not SimCity. But the fact is as I posted in I Can’t Connect to My SimCity 2013 Cities! the game is very detailed both visually and computer resource-wise.

READ WHAT KIP SAID: Screenshot | EA Forum Post

Getting Help with SimCity 2013

To keep up-to-date with SimCity 5 known issues, what problems are being resolved, what to do when you have a problem watch the following:



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