SimCity 2013 – Tips to New City Building for Newbies

Tips for building up your city in SimCity 2013

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First off, I have to thank Maxis for delivering a fantastic and beautifully-crafted game. My sum total experience with SimCity 2013 thus far is about 2 hours of game time, countless videos, and some basic city layout doodles after my second time playing. If you haven’t already watched it I’d highly recommend you take 3 minutes and 23 seconds to watch the Youtube video Tutorial Video #1: Road Density by SimCityEA.

Obviously, the first thing you need to do is connect to the highway. I tend to use at least a Medium Density Avenue to connect the city to the highway. The reason? A Street cannot be upgraded to an Avenue! So, I start out at least with a short Avenue with the idea that it could be or lead to the central main part of the city when it gets big enough and density get high enough … but more tips and more on density later.

Managing the Garbage Dump (NEW: 10/25/2013)

SimCity Recycling Center mission

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Everything in SimCity revolves around planning! But to plan you need knowledge, and you will probably make lots of mistakes while you learn. Here’s one thing I’ve learned that’s valuable about Garbage Dumps overflowing. Build them with enough room to expand, but start using Garbage Incinerators early so your Garbage Dumps don’t fill up.

Also, when you get a chance later you can plop the Recycling Center which not only gives you materials to trade, but also reduces trash that goes to the Garbage Dumps.

Road Density & How It Affects Your City

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