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SCBL Gone Dark Metagame

Splinter Cell Gone Dark Missions

Here is how you play/solve the Gone Dark meta games you’ll find on the SMI in Splinter Cell Blacklist – and yes, they help you in-game as many other things do like UPlay rewards and playing Spies VS Mercs.

So, let’s use a sample for sake of clarity – this is a fictional Gone Dark mission! It will also be very generic so its easy to understand.

Andersen Air Force Base, Guam
Bulls Eye

Looking at SMI data gathered on Blacklist Zero in Guam gave us a fresh lead. One of the Engineers killed in the attack seems to have fancied himself a real lady’s man. We did a background check on him and found an apartment in he’s got a brother who is also likely an Engineer, judging by the encrypted phone calls between them. Their most recent conversation was decrypted and makes references to “… a dead drop for casanova …” which we believe to be the dead brother. He won’t be picking it up so we have a window of opportunity – if we can find it.

Google the word casanova and you’ll see this page, which tells us the real Casanova lived in The Replublic of Venice:

Go to Google maps and Google The Republic of Venice and its pretty useless, but Venice will show you where it is in Italy. So, you would press the Search SMI button and move the cursor over present day Venice, and be rewarded with a new Gone Dark marker.

Venice, Italy
Bulls Eye

The dead drop in Venice contained this message:
Its easy to make friends that share our interest. We will be meeting a new weapon supplier who claims to be able to get his hands on some very interesting ammunition. He says he can extend our capabilities and put us right on target. We meet two days after consumption during Fiestas Patrias.

So, you go back to Google and the second result for Fiestas Patrias is this page:

Google Chrome will translate this page for you. In the first two sentences it mentions Venezuela (among other countries you might also check on the SMI). When you hover over Venezuela on the SMI a new Gone Dark Marker appears.

Calama, Chile
Bulls Eye

Some of Charlie’s contacts dug up information on a big-wig staying in Calama one week before Fiestas Patrias began – a reputed weapons dealer. In the past, rumor has it, he’s sold dirty bombs, an Cold-War era Russian nuke warhead and other military exotics. His passport shows he just returned from the US, although a surreptitious search of his room turned up hotel reservations in two weeks in Tocopilla, Chile within an easy drive of some small docks. They are only small enough for medium sized boats to dock, so its doubtful we’re looking for a large shipment. Nothing big and heavy. We can pick up the arms dealer now and interrogate him, or we can stake him out and await his shipment’s arrival to see what he’s moving.

$25,000 Grab Dealer | $25,000 Stake Out

So, let’s say you nab the dealer, you lose because of some reason – he won’t talk or disappears in a crowd after spotting “American military-types”. you lose $25,000 and your lead. Instead let’s say you had chosen Stake Out, this would be your reward:


Waiting for the shipment paid of, and big! Not only did we learn the Engineers were trying to buy self guided sniper munitions that went missing from a US Army Sniper Training Facility two weeks ago, but we got the dead Engineer’s brother along with the Arms Dealer. That’s a big strike against the Engineers, we have a live intel source from their ranks and prevented some hot US military munitions from falling into their hands. We also will be following any leads on the source of those self guided sniper rounds to see how exactly they went missing, or to be more exact who would sell them to a big weapons dealer.



So all of this reading and googling and guessing to find a bread crumb trail of hidden locations on the SMI map that ends up in an A or B scenario that can pay off with extra money in-game. Or cost you some of your earnings in-game.


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  1. Haven’t been able to find hardly any info on the web regarding these “Gone Dark” missions until I came across this so thank you so much. I was wondering however, if you knew how many of these little missions there are and in what frequency do they appear?

  2. I was also frustrated with lack of info on Gone Dark mission s which is why I posted this and a Youtube video as well.

    I don’t yet know how many there are or what triggers them to show up on the SMI.

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