Splinter Cell Blacklist Mission List

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1. SAFEHOUSE: Benghazi, Libya. Extract Andriy Kobin from a Benghazi safehouse
GHOST MASTER: Safehouse Mission on Normal
Safehouse Mission on Normal

2. INSURGENT STRONGHOLD: Mirawa, Iraq. Follow the trail of Kobin’s weapons to strike at The Engineer’s Base of Operations
VIDEO: Insurgent Stronghold on Normal

3. AMERICAN CONSUMPTION: Chicago, USA. Prevent the first major Blacklist attack on the American homeland
VIDEO: American Consumption on Normal

4. PRIVATE ESTATE: Cuidad del Este, Paraguay. Infiltrate the mansion of terror broker Reza Nouri and interrogate him
VIDEO: Private Estate on Realistic

5. ABANDONED MILL: London, UK. Sneak into the site of an Engineer cell to uncover Sadiq’s next move
VIDEO: GHOST MASTER the Abandoned Mill

6. SPECIAL MISSIONS HQ: Tehran Iran. Infiltrate QoDs Force HQ and retrieve intel on their connection to the Blacklist

7. TRANSIT YARDS: Philadelphia, USA. Prevent a Blacklist attack from unleashing nerve gas on the Philadelphia Subway System

8. DETENTION FACILITY: Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (Gitmo). Infiltrate the Guantanamo Bay Facility to find out why Reza Nouri has been providing false information to the CIA
VIDEO: Splinter Cell Blacklist Detention Facility NORMAL – Mission Footprint Zero, Ghost Master

9. AIRSTRIP: Yucatan Province, Mexico. Rendezvous with Paladin.

10. AMERICAN FUEL: Gulf of Mexico. Intercept a fuel tanker that is suspected to be a target of the “American Fuel” Blacklist attack

11. LNG TERMINAL: Sabine Pass, Lousiana, USA. Contain the fires at the Liquid Natural Gas Terminal and stop Engineers on site

12. SITE F

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  • mason

    i really appreciate your listings. I wanted to replay the missions in order to understand the story a lot better.

  • Video Gamer

    Glad you found it helpful, Mason!

  • justin

    Thank you I wanted to replay the game for fun and I didnt know witch mission was first and this really helped thanks

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    Justin, yeah i know what you mean. I’m glad you found the list useful.