Call of Duty Ghosts Mission List


Call of Duty Ghosts list of missions

These are the Campaign missions for Call of Duty Ghosts.

Ghost Stories – Return home on the day everything changed.
Brave New World – 10 years later…
No Man’s Land – Meet with a recon team outside the wall.
Struck Down – Help the Ghosts rescue Ajax.
Homecoming – Prevent Santa Monica from falling.
Legends Never Die – 12 years ago, Elias and the Ghosts, led by Rorke, are sent to eliminate General Diego Almagro.
Federation Day – The Ghosts return to Caracas to find and interrogate Victor Ramos.
Birds of Prey – Assault Rorke’s hideout and capture him alive.
The Hunted – Escape the jungle.
Clockwork – Infiltrate a Federation facility and retrieve data on their missile program.
Atlas Falls – Sabotage the Atlas oil platform as a diversionary tactic.
Into the Deep – Sink the destroyer guarding the Federation’s weapons.
End of the Line – Infiltrate the factory to find out what the federation has been building.
Sin City – Return to the safehouse and wait for Keegan.
All of Nothing – Defend the U.s.s. Liberator during the assault on the Federation.
Severed Ties – Lead a desperate attack against the Federation’s ground array.
Loki – Join Icarus Team as they assault the Federation space station and attempt to take control of its orbital weapons.
The Ghost Killer – Confront Rorke one last time.

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