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With the Destiny 2 Beta coming out soon I started thinking about Destiny 2’s HUD. From all of the D2 news that we’ve seen and Bungie’s Destiny 2 Gameplay Reveal you can see Bungie has changed the game some – both visually and functionally.

The Destiny 2 HUD (from the Destiny Gameplay Reveal)

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Starting from the top, you’ve got the typical Health/Shield/Overshield bar, assuming we will still have overshields as we did in D1. Moving down you have your Super gauge. On the opposite end you have your 3 weapon types -Kinetic, Energy & Power- and their ammo counts. Back to the left, from left to right is your Grenade recharge timer meter, Melee recharge timer and finally, labeled as “Sheild”?” is your selected Class Ability recharge timer a new one, possibly a bubble shield or maybe a selectable support power? The Class Abilities are your Warlock Rifts, the Titan’s Barriers, and the Hunter’s Dodges. At bottom, center is an XP gauge.

Crucible HUD items are specific to their match types and deliver information like class/sublcass of your enemies and teammates.



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  1. Thank you for your explanation of the HUD and the screenshot, which will make playing Destiny 2 on PC easier. I was pondering which was what, and now I know it.

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