Destiny 2 MIDA Multi-Tool Questline


Mida Mini-Tool SMG
So, how do I get the MIDA Multi-Tool? How do I get the MIDA Mini-Tool? Why would I want the MIDA Multi-Tool or MIDA Mini-Tool?


  • Finish the game story missions
  • Finish all EDZ missions (blue missions named Enhance) assigned by Devrim Kay to find glowing Fallen
  • See Devrim Kay in the EDZ who will give you the MIDA Mini-Tool – a great SMG (submachine gun)
  • See Banshee-44 on the Tower who will give you the Sight, Shoot, Repeat Quest
    • Eliminate 50 Enemies with Precision Shots
    • Eliminate Multiple Enemies without Reloading
    • NOTE: Both of the above can be done at the same so don’t reload while killing during the quest
  • See Banshee-44 again to turn in the Sight, Shoot, Repeat Quest
  • Banshee will give you the Under the Hood Quest. Dismantle 5 Rare or Legendary Scout Rifles to Aid Him
  • See Banshee-44 again to turn in the Under the Hood Quest
  • Banshee will give you the The Fall Will Kill You Quest. Get 50 wills with a Submachine Gun while airborne. The MIDA Mini-Tool would be great for this, or your favorite SMG.
  • See Banshee one last time and he will give you MIDA Multi-Tool. Enjoy!


Banshee awards the Mida Multi-Tool

Why Would You Want the MIDA Mini-Tool & MIDA Multi-Tool?

The MIDA Mini-Tool is a Legendary Submachine Gun with a Lightweight Frame so you move faster with it equipped. Its also got the Fluted Barrel (increased handling speed + stability), Alloy Magazine which reloads faster when the mag is empty and Mida Synergy. MIDA Synergy is very cool –  this weapon grants speed benefits when the MIDA Multi-Tool is also equipped.

The MIDA Multi-Tool is an Exotic Scout Rifle. It has the MIDA Multi Tool perk – this weapon boosts move speed, Corkscrew Rifling (increased range, stability and handling),High Caliber rounds that knock targets back and increases range, MIDA Radar which stays active during aiming down sights (ADS), and Hand-Laid Stock which increases stability.


MIDA Multi-Tool in Destiny 2


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