Ghost War Classes


Ghost Recon Wildlands: Ghost War main title
Ghost War is the Ghost Recon Wildlands multiplayer game. Ghost War is a 4v4 PvP pitting soldiers of different classes against one another in a best of 5 series of deathmatches. Players can be revived but do not respawn. Below are the classes available at launch. Ubisoft devteam has already announced there will be new maps, classes, game modes and a ranked PvP experience – so the information on this page may become out-of-date. For example, Ubi has already announced a ‘preventive balance’ patch on Thermal Goggles is forthcoming and a more permanent solution will be implemented with the next title update in early November 2017.

Ghost War Multiclass/Recruit

Ghost War PvP Multiclass Recruit Class
When you begin Ghost War you will start with the Multiclass or Recruit operator. Take time to get to know the game, feel out the controls, and get to know the flow of battle in this fantastic PvP multiplayer game.

Ghost War Tier 1 Class Unlocks

These are the first classes you can unlock in the Assault, Marksman and Support categories.

Ghost War Pointman Class (Assault)

Ghost War Assault: Pointman Class

Ghost War Sniper Class (Marksman)

Ghost War PvP Marksman: Sniper Class

Ghost War Scout Class (Support)

Ghost War PvP Support: Scout Class

More details and classes will be posted later.


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