Ghost War Prestige (Short Details)

Ghost War - Prestige activation after reaching level 50

Prestige Activation After Reaching level 50 – Click to Enlarge

Ghost War Prestige can be activated at level 50, and you get some distinctive benefits from doing so. Click the image above to see some of the cool benefits from Prestige for your Ghost War enjoyment.

After you Prestige you restart with everything locked at level 2 with only Multiclass/Recruit available and with an upgrade point to spend. With Prestige mode all paths in your upgrades trees are open – Classes, Perks, and Bonuses.

Oh, and as another bonus – whatever class you unlock first has one of your previous Perks unlocked as well. CORRECTION: Forget that bit about previous unlocks. I did experience a glitch after I prestiged, unlocked the Medic class, and then went into a match I still had the Full Bags perk in-game. Afterward I went into Perks and found Full Bags was locked and I could not use it again.

More details available on Ghost Recon Network.


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