Ghost War PvP Multiplayer Maps


These are the original 8 Ghost War PvP Maps that shipped with Ghost Recon Wildland’s multiplayer mode when it originally came out. Ubisoft has already promised more maps are on the way.

  • Coca Farm
  • Deforestation
  • Desert Outpost
  • Dust Town
  • Lumber Mill
  • Mountain Village
  • Piglrim Retreat
  • Quarry

Screenshots are below showing the maps in-game before the matches begin.

Coca Farm
Ghost War PvP Map: Coca Farm

Ghost War PvP Map: Deforestation

Desert Outpost
Ghost War PvP Map: Desert Outpost
Dust Town
Ghost War PvP Map: Dust Town

Lumber Mill
Ghost War PvP Map: Lumber Mill

Mountain Village
Ghost War PvP Map: Mountain Village

Pilgrim Retreat
Ghost War PvP Map: Pilgim Retreat

Ghost War PvP Map: Quarry



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