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How do I unlock thermal goggles in Ghost War PvP?
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UPDATE 1: Thermal Goggles being nerfed!

PATCHED: Thermal Googles have been patched as of 10/23/2017 and are only usable by the Support Classes (Scout, Artillery, Diversionist & Medic) and only by using a Perk slot for their drone.

You may have been playing Ghost War PvP for some time now and having reached level 10 or so you are starting to look around for the unlock for Thermal Goggles. You’ve looked everywhere under the Assault, Marksman and Support trees and you just can’t find it – because its not there!

UNLOCK THERMAL GOGGLES: The Thermal Goggles unlock applies to all classes and is found under the Multiclass Class. I’m not sure what level you need to be to unlocked mine after level 20.

ACTIVATE THERMAL GOGGLES: After purchasing the unlock, then head into any Class loadout and select Thermal Goggles as your Perk. Now you are set to ruin your opponent’s day! And oh, Thermal is not only useful in pitch dark!

Thermal Goggles Controversy

Kotaku’s S.E. Doster had this to say about Thermal Goggles:

Thermal Goggles is the one odd perk of the bunch, and it’s already garnering a lot of complaints from the community for being unfair. Thermal Goggles is not limited to a specific subclass, so anyone can equip the perk to the subclass of their choosing. Basically, you could encounter a full squad running thermal on a night map, and you’ll be at a disgusting disadvantage. I’m only mildly ashamed to say I used thermal even on day maps with storms or thick jungles, but I do agree that it’s a bad perk to offer. None of the other perk options give a major advantage, so maybe thermal is best suited as something class-specific or as a temporary ability with a cool down.

I agree that Thermal Goggles as they are can be OP and agree with the idea “class-specific or as a temporary ability with a cool down” but I would go farther by saying that both should be implemented – just as Artillery Class has been. Not only does the ‘Arty’ drone have a cooldown, but just as in Highlander, “there can be only one.” I think that’s the way to run it here – only one class can have Thermal Goggles and they would have a timer and a cool down period. If you allow class-specific without a cooldown after a temporary period then a team only needs one dedicated “spotter” to highlight the enemy team like a permanent Recon Tower. If Thermal Goggles are only on a cooldown after a temporary period then you will have entire teams running it in succession so that there’s always one active player running Goggles. Or maybe they throw in a more limited field of vision, or distance of effect.

At any rate, if you want to enjoy the Thermal Goggles on all classes I’d do it real quick-like just in case Ubi makes a (much needed) change to their implementation.

Give a shout out – what do you think needs to be done about Thermal Goggles, or are they fine as-is?


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