My Rainbow Six Siege Beginner’s Tips (Casual)


R6:Siege beginner tips
I entered R6:S in the second year (Nov 2017) so I’ve missed a lot, and a lot has already been written about Siege. So if you’re new, hopefully this guide which consists of things I picked up while playing, reading blogs and watching videos will be useful for you, too.

Casual Beginning Beginner’s Tips

  • Get to know the maps – there are a lot of them and players that have got R6 when it first came out got to know them as they came out. You’ll be introduced to all of the existing maps when you begin, its a lot to take in. Check maps out on or login to Ubisoft’s .
  • Good beginner operators Pt 1: use the Recruit for a while. Watch other’s play styles & strategies
  • Good beginner operators Pt 2: Sledge as an attacker and Rook as a defender are good 1st operators to unlock. Both are easy to use right off as you are learning the game. Sledge can get through breakable walls & windows with no muss, no fuss and if you die your team hasn’t lost any major advantage. Rook can drop his armor pack at the beginning of the round and armor up your team, again if you get killed later your team hasn’t lost any major advantage.
  • Get to know the maps – this bears repeating seriously. You want to know each map’s stairways, outside window entry ways, outside doorways, destructible walls & floors, ladders, hatches on the floor that can be opened, and paths you can use to disengage from a bad position or stalemated gunfight and move around and possibly flank the enemy.
  • Get some drone basics under your belt. After that learn some better level droning tips. If you have fewer than 5 people on your team, an extra drone is suggested for eavesdropping (see intermediate drone tips for that).

More R6 New Player Gameplay Tips

As you move through buildings, be sure to clear rooms. If you move from room to room when they are cleared first you stand to survive as you move around.

As you play more and more you will get a feeling for where your enemies may be lurking, and with that places you can bypass or ignore on your way through the buildings.

Sounds play a very important part of Rainbow Six Siege so pay attention to them and know where your enemies are, and what direction they are coming from or moving toward.


Rainbow Six Videos

These are good video series on Rainbow Six Siege. You can find others, too.

VarsityGaming’s Siege School



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