Casual Rainbow Six Siege Drone Tips for Beginners


Rainbow Six Siege beginner drone tips
Here are some beginner tips to get you started using R6 Siege drones. During the Preparation Phase all attackers automatically deploy drones to seek out the objective before the attack begins.

Use this time to find the objective, spot the defender’s locations, electronics and any intel that might help you during the attack. If you are chatting with other players you might call out important things like which floor the objective is on, the presence of Caveira (whose special skill can result in your entire team being marked). Exactly how much detail to commmunicate will depend upon who you are talking to – a group of friends, PUG players, or you might be the only person on your team that’s chatting and everyone else can hear.

Drones During the Preparation Phase

  • Each attacker gets 2 drones – the first is automatically deployed, but you can deploy a second drone after the Preparation Phase is complete.
  • Use the drones before an attack to check out enemy strength and placement.
  • Your drone transmits video and audio so you can both look for and listen for your enemies.
  • Look for defenders moving around the map, reinforced walls and deployed electronics. Listen for the defender’s footsteps, the noise of reinforcing walls, gunfire, and other noises that might give away the defender’s location.
  • If you mark the defenders during the Preparation Phase they will almost always move before the attack begins.
  • Although you can hear the drone while using it, defenders cannot it as easily. The drone’s jump makes a noise that is easily heard. For the most part defenders must rely on seeing a drone or being marked to be aware of its presence.
  • If you mark enemies you will get points for it (10 points when this was written), but if you are chatting with your team its usually better to call out locations rather than marking defenders since they’ll be aware of your drone’s presence and either hunt & attack your drone or relocate. Keep in mind that most defenders can keep up with a drone, so you cannot simply outrun them in most cases – you need to evade them by moving unpredictably and going into small spaces like under furniture, barricade, and into drone paths.
  • Your drone can jump, although its noisy. Use the drone’s jump to bypass or partially pass barbed barbed wire on the floor.
  • Your drone can hide under desks and other objects in the environment out of site of the defenders to be re-used at a later time. However, if a crafty player is aware of your drone’s presence, merely hiding under a desk or couch will not protect it since the defenders can go prone and shoot it.

Drones During the Attack Phase

  • Re-activating a drone and deploying a new one uses 2 different buttons. On the PS4 re-activate a drone by pressing down on the D-pad (Deploy Drone button) or deploy a new drone by pressing right on the D-Pad (Observation Tool button).
  • When deploying a drone, your player will throw it. You can use this to throw the drone into windows or over obstacles.
  • You can use a drone to clear a room before you enter, or locate nearby defenders you will need to deal with after entry.
  • After you’ve been killed as an attacker in a round you can still help. Your team’s deployed drones allow you to see and mark defenders. You can also talk to them if you are chatting when spectating a player.
  • You cannot take control of drones after you’ve died and move them around, but you can pan their field of vision left/right and up/down to a certain extent.

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