Rainbow Six Siege Drone Tips (Casual – Intermediate)


Twitch's drone destorys a signal jammer
To follow up my beginner’s R6 Siege drone tips here are some more tips after about a week’s worth of game play.

Your drone is not only useful for the discovery phase to find the defenders and the objective, but also afterward as a sort of surveillance camera. Try to keep your drone from being unnecessarily destroyed so you & your team have as much of a view of the defenders as possible.

  • watch out for Mute’s Signal Disruptor and Bandit’s batteries on barbed wire – both will render your drone unusable
  • you can have 2 drones out at once. Read the next tip to see why that’s useful.
  • your drone becomes eavesdropping/surveillance camera for you AND your teammates after the discovery phase (the defender’s preparation phase)
  • be aware if you mark the defenders you will alert them to you done’s presence and it may be chased and be destroyed. Good defender teams may hunt down and destroy all 5 of your team’s drones before they can find anything.
  • your drone can jump higher if you “look up” with it before jumping. Use this to place your drone at a good vantage point like a tabletop, bookshelf or other raised place. Get creative, get a good vantage point.
  • Is that door blocking your drone with a shield? “Look up” before you jump and you can jump over that shield!
  • if you get lost or you are in a bad spot when the 10 second countdown timer begins, its better to hide your drone away from the objective and pick it up again later, if needed.
  • keep a watch on the timer during the discovery phase so your drone isn’t caught out in the open and destroyed
  • if your drone is destroyed during the discovery phase you may want to put a new one in the building so you and your team have access to as many surveillance cameras as possible
  • Twitch…
    • Twitch’s drone cannot jump
    • Twitch’s drone is more valuable than the others since it can destroy certain equipment, injure defenders and cause them to move away from well-prepared ambush spots – before and during the attack phase
    • Twitch’s drone is bigger making it easier for the defenders to see & shoot
    • Twitch’s drone is quieter making, it harder for defenders to hear and easier for you to hear your surroundings

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