What Good Are Survival Guides in The Division?


The Division: Survival Guide pages
So why should you search for and pick up April Kelleher‘s Survival Guide pages in The Division? Is it worth your time to stop for the Survival Guides in-game? The answer is sort of.

You do get EXP for picking a survival guide page up, and some interesting info to read through if you feel like it. Collect all 24 pages and you get the Meadow Jacket for your character and 300 EXP, plus I’m pretty sure there’s a trophy for it (there is on the PS4). If you’re a completionist you’ll enjoy having all 24 pages just so you can say you have them all.

So far as giving you en edge in the game as far as I’m aware, beyond the EXP, there are no benefits for picking these pages up. Now if you know otherwise, please drop a comment. I just grabbed a page with my level 8 ALT and only got EXP, but I thought with my level 30 I was getting something more.

THere is other good information about Survival Guides I’m not going to add here since the work has been done.

Where Are the 24 Survival Guide Pages?
Buy a Copy of the Survival Guide (a fictionalized companion work for The Division)


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