Building Tips for Fortnite Battle Royale for Newbies, Noobs, Beginners

Fortnite Battle Royale: Building


I’ve grabbed some of these tips from reading online or watching Youtube. Wherever that’s the case I’ll include a link to give the original author credit.

Why Build Things in Fortnite Battle Royale?

Really quick let’s talk about WHY to build things in Fortnite Battle Royale. The first things that come to mind are movement and protection. You might build to move faster, to travel up to a hilltop, across a pond, from a building to another building. You also may build for protection, like if you are caught out in the open you can throw some walls up to absorb (and waste) your enemy’s bullets.

That leads to another subject, all things being equal you should choose your building materials to be suited to their use. You can use wood for movement because you don’t need the stronger materials just to walk up a ramp. You would be interested, however, in using brick or metal to construct protective walls. Now, in all likelihood you may have more of some materials than others and you may need to resort to metal or brick to travel across things if you are out of wood, or you may need to use wood for protection if you are out of the stronger materials.

Collecting Crafting Materials – Wood, Brick & Metal

When you first land you may be breaking through a roof to get into a building (after all rooftop entrances are easier). This is where you’ll probably begin mining crafting materials. If its safe you can begin grabbing crafting materials after you get your first weapon(s). When I’m not sure I’m alone and especially if I’m playing solo with no one to watch my back, I’ll often mine from building interiors. There’s no guarantee someone won’t find you and finish you off but its generally safer than standing out in the open.

Watch for the blue markers when you are mining to gather materials more quickly (tip from SXVXN). Hit the blue markers to mine your materials much faster than simply holding down the button and mining.



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