Fortnite Battle Royale Tips for the First Week Beginner

Fortnite Battle Royale with an Assault Rifle.

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This Fortnite Battle Royale basic tips post will help brand new players during their first week playing. These tips will get you up and running and surviving longer. Although the tips here apply to PS4, Xbox One and PC, the controls I refer to will all be PS4 controls. For all controls in Fortnite for now, check out Epic’s What are the Controls in Fortnite page where controls for PC listed and for the Xbox One there are screenshots.

The Circle Button is Your Friend

So let’s start off with your expectations. You will die – a lot! The Circle Button at the end – Return to Lobby – will be one of your greatest friends because it gets you out of the match you just lost and into your next match where you can start all over and you can be like Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow – Live. Die. Repeat.

Live. Die. Repeat

For your first drops its probably best to try and land where fewer people will be. Fewer people – fewer ways to be killed. You can actually get to 10th place by being in a secluded area with no other people around. But let’s get to the live, die, repeat part. You will need to play a lot of matches to get to know where to go, what you will find and what places have the best loot.

Look at the Map

Generally speaking named places on the map have more loot and better loot than unnamed areas. Get to know where you can find your essentials. When you hit the ground, the first essential is any weapon, because your Pickaxe is a horrible weapon. You want a Shotgun, and an Assault Rifle or Submachine gun to get started. If those are not available you may have to do with a pistol. Sniper rifles are good, but they excel at long range.

So, now you know that the named areas have better stuff, but also know that there will be more people in those areas, too.

That White Circle

Fortnite Battle Royale basic HUD layout

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That white circle you see is tied to the Storm Timer (see above), and shows where the next Eye of the Storm –the safe zone– will be. When the timer runs out the current storm circle tightens and begins reducing in size and will stop at the white marked on the map. Anyone caught outside of the Eye of the Storm begins taking damage. Its slight at first, but after the storm has reached its new & smaller size you will begin increased damage.

So keep an eye on the timer and don’t get caught out in the storm. People caught in the storm running toward the eye cannot see as well as those who are safely in the Eye of the Storm. So if you are caught in the storm your foes can see you more easily than you can see them (plus you are taking damage just being in the storm). That gives them the edge – stay out of the storm.

Shotguns Are Essential for Building Looting

When you are looting buildings and other small spaces, a shotguns is essential. If you can’t get a shotty then try for an SMG. In close quarters fights, shotguns will almost always win out. I prefer Tactical shotguns over the Pump Action shotguns, although Weapon Rarity is important, too. The Tactical Shotguns fire faster than Pump Action Shotguns, although each shot does less damage.

Weapon Rarity

Weapon rarity is exactly as you’d expect in MMO’s. From weakest to strongest – Gray (Common), Green (Uncommon), Blue (Rare), Purple (Epic), Orange (Legendary). The simple rule is the higher the rarity the more damage it will do.

Learn the Buttons

Its very important to know how to switch weapons, use pickups like bandages and health/shields and to do some basic crafting of walls, floors and ramps. These need to become second nature because when you’re mining materials and you hear footsteps nearby – you need to know how to switch to your weapon quickly.

Land on Roofs and Work Your Way Down

Buildings often -but not always- have treasure chests in the attic, plus its easier if you land on the roof to work downward. You get the added bonus of a little extra materials.

Well, that’s it for now. If you are playing your first week in Fortnite Battle Royale you should have some handy tips to help you do better.


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