Ghost War PvP Multiplayer Modes, Extraction & Mines


Artillery Class with the Full Bags Perk
I’ve just returned to Ghost War after and new maps, modes and Classes have been added. My main reason for this post was to list the Classes with mines for the Extraction matches, but first a list of Multiplayer Modes.

Ghost War Multiplayer Modes

Elimination – kill all enemies. The Intel Tower can be used to show all enemies.
Uplink – capture the Access Point to win. The Access Point cannot be jammed by the Tech, and takes longer to capture than the Intel Tower.
Extraction – extract one of the two hostages. Protect both HVT/hostages – mines are useful.

Ghost War Classes with Mines

These classes have mines which are particularly useful in Extraction. Mines can be used not only to protect your HVT by killing enemies, but also to limit their approaches to them Be careful not to plant mines close enough to kill the HVT/hostage.

Assassin – 2 mines.
Sniper – 2 mines.
Pathfinder – 2 mines.
Artillery – 2 mines, 4 with the Full Bags Perk.
Medic – 2 mines, 4 with the Full Bags Perk.


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