How The Division’s Classified Gear Works

Classified Mask of the Nomad showing the icon that marks classified gear

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock as far as The Division goes, you know all about Classified Gear already. If you are like me and haven’t played The Division in a long while, then you have been under a rock so here’s some good, solid intel on Classified Gear for you.

What is Classified Gear?

Classified Gear is gear with higher stats rolls that offers 5 and 6 piece gear bonuses and allows recalibration rolls on 2 stats.

As of the date of it Classified Gear’s release the max stat rolls were in the range of 1114-1272, while Classified Gear’s stat range is 1273-1328.

Classified Gear also adds a Set Bonus for 5 and 6 pieces, but only if you have at least 5 pieces of Classified Gear, though it is worth noting that 4 pieces of Classified Gear are always better than 4 pieces of Standard Gear simply based on their higher stat rolls.

How Do I Identify Classified Gear

If you look at the screenshot above I’ve drawn an arrow on the Mask of the Nomad to the Classified Gear indicator which looks like a folder icon on the right side of the gear icon. So any gear you have with this little white folder icon is Classified Gear.

Classified Gear: More Intel on Classified

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