george conklin ghcs authorI am George Conklin aka Wildcard66Gamer aka Youtubio66 and you are on my gaming blog.

I am a husband, father, video gamer, youtube gamer & video producer, blogger and web designer. If you see me gaming online I will likely be recording. My gamertag on the PlayStation Network is Wildcard66Gamer, and I had an XBL account (now inactive) under the same name.

I don’t do trash-talking, I don’t troll, I try to use the microphone during gameplay to be useful in the game (as opposed to sharing a bunch of personal junk which won’t help my team win), and I try not to talk too much or generally be annoying in other ways.

A little more about me: George Conklin on About.me

Wildcard66Gamer/Youtubio66 Youtube Channel

Youtube + Radio + 1966 = Youtubio66 ★ I started on Youtube using it as a personal radio, hence the name Youtubio66. Later, I joined Xbox Live (XBL) and started gaming online with the Xbox 360 and used the name Wildcard66. That name expressed the varying outcome of my games, which ranged from terrible to great – you can never tell what you get with a wildcard. Later on I joined the PlayStation Network (PSN) and Wildcard66 was taken so I started using Wildcard66Gamer and eventually change my XBL gamertag to Wildcard66Gamer also.

I started Youtube videos with Crysis 2 and a cheap HD video camera on a cheap tripod recording over-the-shoulder as I played. You crazy people on Youtube started subscribing, so I bought a video game capture device and started recording gameplay at first on the Xbox 360. Later I had even more subscribers, so I upgraded to the HD version of my game capture device, but it was lacking. During PS3 gaming my screen was way too dark. Eventually I bought a Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition which solved my dark screen PS3 gaming issue, and game me a button to push right on the capture device to start recording! Go Hauppauge!

What is on My Youtube Channel?

First off, I only play and record games that I like. If I’m going to spend time recording, editing and uploading videos it needs to be for games I like – not just games that have millions of fans. I tend to play first or third person military shooters although I’ve also played a couple of racing games and real-time strategy games, and even an MMORPG.

I do campaign game play/walk throughs, multiplayer, and especially stuff that drives you crazy because its difficult or “impossible” to complete. Either the game maker has allowed poor design to sneak into a game, or it may be very tricky to complete, or possibly even an actual programming glitch. When I find my way through, I try to remember to post a video. Some examples are the Dead Space 3 Snowbeast videos, and Splinter Cell Blacklist Gone Dark Mission HOWTO videos.

Youtube Q&A

Q. Do you play with subs?
A. Mostly I will be gaming with The Ancient Warriors (TAW on FB) and 21 Guns (21 Guns on FB). If you have a PS4 shoot me a friend invite letting me know you are a subscriber and let’s see what happens.

Q. Do you play with gamers that are not a subscriber?
A. As covered above in “Do you play with subs” I mainly game with The Ancient Warriors (TAW on FB) and 21 Guns (21 Guns on FB). That being said the main thing I’m looking for in PS4 friends is a level head. If you like trolling, every other word out of your mouth is obscenity or you tend to yell a lot – we might not make the best buds.

Q. I was a friend, and now I’m not. What happened?
A. I will delete friends I don’t game with (maybe we are not playing the same games any more), due to personality conflicts, if my friends list becomes clogged etc. If you are offensive, do a lot of trash-talking etc, you are a target for “friend removal.”

Q. What’s the Intro Music in your Youtube videos?
A. As of late July 2013 it is Atmospheric Dubstep Background.

Q. You talk an awful lot in some videos. Wassup with that?
A. I like to bring humor to what I do, and be informative. I also like to keep in mind that some people have picked up a video game for the first time. Even if I am playing the 3rd sequel in a very successful video game with millions of gamers as its fanbase, there are still first-day gamers.

Q. You didn’t answer my comment or PM! Wassup?
A. I do strive to get to every worthy comment or personal message. As long as my channel is small enough for “every message gets a response” I’ll do that to the best of my ability. That said, if your message was just rude or obnoxious you may not get an answer. Or I may poke fun at you. Also, it might just be that I’m very busy in real life.

Remember, I’m a small guy and Youtube is not supporting me or my family yet. I hope that some day it does.