Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel

Army of two: The Devil’s Cartel

By EA Montreal & Visceral Games
Website: EA’s Army of Two the Devil’s Cartel

T.W.O. operators Rios and Salem take a “break” letting the new guys Alpha and Bravo take leading roles. Protecting a political candidate in Mexico’s La Puerta tunrs int a huge job. But Alpha and Bravo, backed by their new employer T.W.O. are up for the challenge!

List of Missions | Videos

List of Army of Two Devil’s Cartel Missions

Click the missions below to watch my Walkthrough of that mission on Youtube. All videos linked in the list below are done on Hard difficulty, open in a new window and are available in 720p HD.

01. Protection
02. Basic Training
03. Permission to Engage
04. Foxhunt
05. Split Decision
06. Baptism by Fire
07. Politics in Action
08. Picking Up the Pieces
09. Into the Chaos
10. Riot Act
11. Urban Chaos
12. Fuel for the Fire
13. Observe and Detect
14. Local Heroes
15. Stronghold Assault
16. Suicide Run
17. Holiday Retreat
18. Room Service
19. Among the Dead
20. Open Season
21. Rest for the Wicked
22. Shadows Walk
23. Into the Light
24. Loose Cannon
25. Special Delivery
26. Behind Enemy Lines
27. Guardian Angel
28. Manhunt
29. Fight for the Future
30. Desperate Measures
31. Objective Lost
32. Scavengers
33. Game Face
34. A Ray of Sun
35. Rooftop Rampage
36. Adrenaline High
37. Mad Science
38. The Butcher
39. The Assault
40. Down But Not Out
41. Get Her Back
42. Race to the Quarry
43. Fish in a Barrel
44. Burning Bridges
45. No Return
46. A Hero’s Rescue
47. The Lion’s Den
48. Salem On Trial
49. The Devil’s Due

List of Army of Two Devil’s Cartel Videos

Done on Medium difficulty

38. THE BUTCHER: Kill The Butcher (Machete Guy)
Done on Medium difficulty