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Luckily EA DICE has given permission for us to talk about Battlefield 1 now even though its currently in the Closed Alpha. If you are looking for information about the upcoming Battlefield 1 Open Beta you should definitely visit the Battlefield 1 Beta page and sign up!

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Things Are a Little Different

In Battlefield 1 you’ll find some changes. Notably EA DICE has taken some feedback from earlier games and is making the classes more focused, more tight-knit, and more than ever since I started playing Battlefield. I feel as if team cooperation is more important. And don’t forget that different weapons have tighter effective weapon ranges. Your SMGs and shotguns will be nearly useless as medium and long ranges. Your sniper rifle will be nigh useless in close quarters.

Here are some quick rules I’d recommend to make your chances of winning more likely.

RULE 1: Spot for your team or risk losing. You might die but spotting the guy who killed you helps your team.
RULE 2: Try to stick with your squadmates = MOB!
RULE 3: Different classes primary weapons are more effective at different ranges. Get familiar!
RULE 4: Get used to the new feel of the game. Its not exactly like any other Battlefield game due to rebalancing and new mechanics.

Battlefield 1 has redefined the classes we are all familiar with and introduced some innovative weapon balancing that I’m enjoying and I imagine many gamers will as well. So let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

BF1 Assault Class

The Assault class is the guy who’s going to run in to battle other infantry on foot in close quarters and is also your go-to guy to take out vehicles. The primary weapons available to the Assault Class during the Closed Alpha shotguns and submachine guns (SMGs).

BF1 Medic Class

The Medic revives soldiers, drops health packs and repairs vehicles. Medics carry mainly DMR-style weapons. 3 of the 6 in the Alpha are semi-automatic rifles and the other 3 can switch between semi-auto and automatic – a slow automatic of 299RPM (compared to 550 & 900 for SMGs). The 6 DMRs have about the same damage ratings as one another but accuracy, hip fire and control can vary widely among them.

BF1 Support Class

The Support Class in BF1 carries LMGs and drops ammo as you might expect. Running from 450RPM to 550RPM these LMGs carry less ammunition than you might expect. The most ammo without reload is 97 rounds while the least is 30. Another interesting aspect of these LMGs is that 3 of the 6 have semi-automatic firing modes as well as automatic. The support class also has trip mines, so watch where you’re stepping!

BF1 Scout Class

Your Scout Class (snipers, of course) will be killing with one shot at longer distances than the other 3 classes as you may expect. 4 of the 6 sniper rifles have 5 round cartridges, while the other two have 10 round magazines.

Its interesting to note at this time that the Russian 1895 – TR sniper rifle shows a stat of 1800 Rate of Fire, it is NOT 1800RPM. It is faster firing than the Gewehr 98 – MA which shows a rate of fire of 900 (also not 900RPM). The true RPM ratings for these rifles should be lower than the DMRs 257-299, possibly they are supposed to be 90 and 180RPM? We’ll have to see!