Call of Duty Ghosts

call-of-duty-ghosts-ps4-caseCall of Duty Ghosts in the tenth video game in the Call of Duty main video game’s primary series of games. Call of Duty Ghosts follows a war against the Federation with intrigue and the usual ironic betrayals that fuel some modern shooters.

Quick, Brief Call of Duty Ghosts Review

Call of Duty Ghosts has great visual elements that are, in my opinion, tarnished mainly by the game’s repetitive sound bytes used for gunfire for some time now, and gameplay that felt like next day leftovers, if that makes any sense.

The story is interesting enough, and the objectives and battle are enjoyable but new battle sounds definitely need to be captured and mixed.

The concept and story of the Ghosts themselves is interesting and engaging, and the gameplay was enjoyable. It was refreshing to see some cool, new features like some underwater combat (concealment, movement and even firing weapons), the shooting while rappelling (esp. Australian-style rappelling) and the space battles (although scientifically inaccurate) and more.

CoD Ghosts in this Blog

There’s only one post on Call of Duty Ghosts in this Blog because I only played the campaign, and gave the game away. I did not play any multiplayer, so the list of campaign missions is all I’ve got besides my review of CoD:G above.