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Sam and Grim at the SMI

Sam and Grim at the SMI

Splinter Cell Blacklist

The United States military has troops around the world, many of them in foreign countries. Not everyone in every country appreciates the US presence, notably the terrorist group called The Engineers who are waging war against the US at home and abroad. Their demand: bring our troops home. But the US doesn’t make deals with terrorists, so Sam is given the fifth freedom, a license to kill at his own discretion. When, where and how he decides. Engineers beware!

The Engineers are a true threat and their attacks will send Sam and his team members around the globe. Two former Navy SEALs (Sam Fisher and Victor Coste) and two former hackers (Charlie Cole and Anna Grímsdóttir) are a formidable team and they are going head-on against all out war against The Engineers. Exactly how that plays out is up to you as you play Splinter Cell Blacklist and decide on your preferred play style.

Splinter Cell Blacklist App

“We’ve released what we call Splinter Cell: Blacklist Spider-Bot. It’s an app on iOS and it’s going to be released on Android soon. Right now there’s only one game in it but it will end up being three games all featuring the spider-bot — this little robot Sam can control.”
— Wired.co.UK interview with Ubisoft Toronto game designer Maxime Béland

Spider-Bot Update for Android

Splinter Cell’s Spider-Bot app for Android has been released for Android and can be downloaded from Google Play now!

Splinter Cell Blacklist offers you several ways to earn in-game rewards for campaign, multiplayer and Co-Op such as UPlay, Mercs VS Spies and the Spider-Bot mini game created by Charlie Cole as a stress-reliever for 4e Ops. [Google Play Spider-Bot Page]