The Division

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The Division Quick Info

Developer: Ubisoft Massive (Massive Entertainment)
Publisher: Ubisoft
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Game Genre: Open-World RPG Third-Person Shooter
Official Website:
Beta Game Guides: PC | PS4 | XB1

About The Division

The Division brings a new game type to the market in a successful, exciting fusion of other game types set in post-pandemic Manhattan in New York City. Regular life as we know it has ceased to exist and any formal government or organized society is gone. Agents, placed in various locations in the country have the job in situations like this to do whatever they can independently in smaller cells to restore order from the chaos as part of Directive 51.

The Division is a cover-based open-world 3rd Person RPG Shooter with great PvE game play and an interesting PvP area called the Dark Zone. You’ll have access to a wide array of weapons, Abilities (skills) and technology available to Division agents and items found in the city around you. The in-game map is a very cool feature of that technology. Its projected onto the ground around your character allowing you to plan travel routes, choose missions, and set waypoints (and fast travel is very handy, when available).

Gameplay revolves around missions and encounters in the PvE area as well as random encounters with the bad guys that populate The Division’s Manhattan. You can help civilians by giving them supplies and rescuing them from the baddies. Expect to spend a lot of time gathering different loot, weapons, armor, equipment and crafting materials to level up. You’ll earn separate experience points and money (credits) in the main PvE environment as well as the Dark Zone (credits and Exp from the PvE area do not translate into the Dark Zone). Instead you’ll earn separate DZ Exp and DZ Credits.

There are no classes in the game and your agent can mix and match skills as you see fit. So you can choose to run with a turret and healing, or target scanning and turret or explosive or whichever mix of any skills you have unlocked. You also can change those on-the-fly as you play. In the middle of an encounter or mission you can switch out your skills and equip others or even change their perks. Speaking of changing on-the-fly you can also switch not only weapons, but you can swap out their mods, right in the middle of the action – although you probably want to get into protective cover first.

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